Whole-Brain Creations by Jeffrey Ventrella
Making math ideas intuitive with visualization and interactivity

Mandelbrot Orbits

Experience the orbits of the complex number z
Fractal Fugues

Self-similar counterpoint

Composite Number Tree

Integers descend from the heavens and grow a tree based on divisibility
Squaring Complex Numbers

Experience the way the complex plane warps when you square it

Divisor Plot

Parabolas discovered in the neighborhoods of large composite numbers
Buffon's Needle

A physics simulation drops thousands of needles to calculate Pi (approximately)

Number Portraits

A way of expressing the uniqueness of numbers
Animated Crop Rows

Wild grid patterns we've all seen on highway trips alongside agricultural crops

The Dragon of Eve

An amazing self-avoiding dragon curve

A particle swarm does a ballet dance to find the boundary of the Mandelbrot Set


A fractal visualization of the passage of time

Lifelike dynamics emerges from simple rules of attraction and repulsion

Particle Fluid

A particle system that simulates fluid dynamics
Apollonian Dance

An animation using Apollonian circles

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